Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gospel Art Books

I am planning on buying one of the new Gospel Art Books that the church recently published. They are $3.50 each but only $1.50 each for a case of 20. If 19 other people are also interested in saving $2, I could order a case and you can pay me back. Here is a description of the book from lds.org:

This book contains 137 pictures that are organized into 6 sections: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Church History, Gospel in Action, and Latter-day Prophets. These pictures can be used for learning and teaching at home or at church. Descriptive titles as well as references to scriptures and other sources for learning about and discussing the pictures are available in the Gospel Art Book index. Go to gospelart.lds.org to view or download the pictures contained in the Gospel Art Book.

If you are interested, please call or email Jana Wells (number and email address in online Ward Directory).