Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wellness Challenge

The following is from Christin Ricks:
Hello Ladies,
Hope your 2013 is going great so far! I am always a little slow in making some of my resolutions because I don't want to be overly hasty and the fizzle out. This year I knew that I wanted to get into better shape and overall health as I am sure some of you do. So how to better do this then a FRIENDLY little challenge. This was done last year with many people from the ward and it was a lot of fun and several people had some great weight loss success (think 13lbs in 8 weeks!). The first time that I did it I was able to loose those last 12 lbs that were so stubborn before, and I kept them off even after the program was done.
This is not a diet however. It is more of a program for helping to balance our lives in all aspects and promoting good habits for body and spirit.
Don't feel obligated, and you won't make me feel bad if you say no, BUT, if you are looking for a little motivation to spend that extra time in the scriptures in the new year, and a little extra reason to shed those Christmas pounds, this just may be the program for you! :) Please read through the outlined rules/program below, and let me know if you would like to be a part of it. And spread the word to anyone you know who you think may be interested, I know that I have missed many people in the ward because I don't have their email addresses but any an all are welcome, husbands included. They need not even live here to participate, so if you have a sister, friend or mother that would like to join us just forward this to them and if they are interested let me know.
Also, if you are nursing or pregnant this is totally safe (not that I am claiming to be a Dr.) because it is just making sure you are eating all of the good food, in whatever quantities you may need, and keeping all of the bad ones out! Not to mention the exercise and scripture study.
At the start of the competition, everyone will contribute $10, which will go toward the prize pot, and at the end of the competition, the prizes awarded will be:
1. First and second place for the total points earned throughout the program
2. First and second place for your total percentage of weight lost. (That's right! If the idea of keeping track of points gives you a headache, but you still would like to drop a few pounds, you could still win the prize for total percentage of weight lost!)
If the same person wins in both categories, we will give it to the next in line, just so we can spread the love around :)
Also, depending on how many people decide to do it, if there are a lot there will also be a weekly winner.
The program is a points system and once you let me know you would like to participate I will set up a google doc that we will use to track our points.
Please read through the rules outlined below, and let me know if you want in on this fun!! It may seem like a lot but it really is quite simple once you get the hang of it.
Alright! Check it out and let me know by Friday, so that I can get additional information to all of you before the weekend. My email address and phone number are in the ward directory on lds.org
The program will run from Feb 4th-Mar 30th.

• A simple plan of healthy eating/healthy lifestyle resulting in possible weight loss and probable gain of healthy habits for both body and spirit.
How you earn points…
• Good food points: (see below). Add one point for each good food eaten, up to 10 points a day.
• Bad food points: (see below). Subtract 2 points for every bad food eaten. (no max!)
• Exercise points: 15-30 minutes= 10 pts, 31-45 minutes= 15 points, 46+ minutes= 20 points. 20 points max per day. Exercise can be done in segments (e.g. 15 in the morning 15 min. after work) and you can do whatever you want to since everyone is on a different level…
• After 8 p.m. points: Earn 5 points if you eat NOTHING after 8 p.m. You can still drink your water.
• Water points: Earn 10 points for drinking water every day. 5 points if you get at least 48 oz of water in (6 cups). Get 10 points for drinking the full 64 oz. a day. That equals 8 cups. All or nothing.
• 5+ Fruits and Veggies: Earn 10 points if you eat a combined total of 5 fruits and vegetables (all or nothing). These also can count individually towards your “good food” count.
• Personal Prayer Points: 5 points for daily personal prayer morning and nightly…must be personal 2 points if only one is done.
• Daily Scripture Study Points: 15-30 minutes= 10 points, 31-45 minutes= 15 points, 46+ = 20 points. 20 points max. This can include time spent doing personal scripture study, family scripture study, as well as studying words of the living prophets (e.g., general conference addresses)
* Weekly task: 10 points. At the beginning of the week you will be assigned a task or 2 to be completed anytime during the week. (such as FHE, cleaning the refrigerator, visiting a friend, etc.)
• Weigh in: Weigh yourself at home at the beginning of every week (Monday morning, after going to the bathroom and before eating breakfast.) give yourself 5 points for every ½ lb. lost.

Good Foods:
Greens in all their varieties
Olive oil
String cheese or other low fat cheese
any fruit
any vegetable
High fiber, whole grain low sugar cereal (mini wheats, wheat chex, grapenuts, kashi, cheerios etc)
Oatmeal (not instant unless plain, – you can add a little maple syrup, honey, stevia, or agave to sweeten a bit.)
100% whole grains (whole wheat pasta, bread, brown rice, tortillas, quinioa, etc) everything must be 100% whole grain (or 100% whole wheat) ---just because it says made with whole grain doesn’t mean it is 100% so check carefully. It will say 100% if it is. IT MUST BE 100%!!!
Low fat yogurt
Tuna – packed in water
Chicken, fish, pork, lean beef, lean ham, turkey
lunch meat low in fat and sodium
cottage cheese
air popped or low fat microwave popcorn
low sodium soup
Daily vitamin
Walnuts, Almonds, peanuts, other nuts ---not sugared or sweetened

So if you eat your 5 fruits and veggies you only have to eat an additional 5 foods

Bad Foods:
Sugar cereal/low fiber cereal
White anything (rice, pasta, bagels, bread, tortillas)
Fried foods – anything
Bakery items – cake, pie, donuts, etc.
Soda (even DIET) or other drinks with sugar (Gatorade, powerade, sobe)
Regular mayo or regular sour cream—use light instead
Ice Cream
Potato chips, cheetos, fritos, Doritos, tortilla chips, etc
Crackers – ALL, unless they are 100% whole grain (like triscuits or wheat thins)
any cookie with sugar or white flour
all chocolate (I know that there are health benefits to dark, and I love it as much as the next but for these 8 weeks gotta give it up or take a dock in points)
all candy
Hot dogs, any processed meat (fish sticks, chicken nuggets)
Regular sodium/fat lunch meat
High sugar/high carb bars with more than 15g carbs (such as granola bars, cliff bars, nutrigrain bars etc)
*****an exception to the granola type bar rule, if you find a bar that is made of whole ingredients, all pronounceable and recognizable and it has no sugar it does not count as a bad food. (I like Larabars which are made of dates and nuts or kind bars which are made of nuts and other fruit. But be sure that it has no sugar in the ingredients. And if you find a good one then let us all know :-)
**I know that this is in no way inclusive of all good or exclusive of all bad but this is how it is set up. Last time we did it there was a lot of questions and confusion so I have tried to make it clear as possible. So these are the rules and foods if you want to do it.
****Also, if you decide you want a “bad food” you get docked -2 points per serving so check to see how much a serving is and deduct accordingly.
***The same goes for your good foods. If you were to have a sandwich with 100% whole wheat bread for lunch with tuna or low sodium lunch meat that would be 3 of your good foods (2 pieces of bread and the meat.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Duplex Available in Tosa

The following email is from the Gubler/Doot's landlord:
There is a Wauwatosa duplex that will be available for rent either March or April, or next July (I'll be gone a lot in May/June).  The upper unit as you know is rented out to the Church for missionairies.  When I was down there last weekend painting, etc.  the gals happened to knock on door so I asked them in and they thought the place very nice.  Anyway, just on the chance you would know any folks coming this direction for work, school, etc.  the rent will be $850/month.  Tenant pays utilities.  Landlord pays water.  Four people max at the moment.  (could possibly approve one more) It is a 2 bedroom, large (1300 squ. ft.) lower unit, bath, kitchen, LR, Dining Rm and Sun room.  D/W, W/D included.  Central Air.  Leaded glass, old world charm.  One garage space, remote entry and one off street parking spot.  Security deposit will probably be $1,000, depending on if I get a new refrigerator and possibly Washer Dryer units.

Cat available

A friend of Danielle Logan sent this and asked if we'd send it out:

Milo is a 5 year old neutered male kitty who has his claws and can be manicured. (he's too old for declawing)  He is a VERY friendly boy. He greets you at the door when you come home and talks to you telling you about his day.  He LOVES attention!  He is wonderful with children, even as young as 2 years old!  He is as close to a dog in a cat outfit as you'll find. Will sit on your lap and be by your side like a loyal mutt. Milo has always been a housecat and is NOT an outdoor adventurer. He comes with his own cat tower, dishes, food, bowls, litter box, etc.  He has such a wonderful personality.

  He is looking for a new residence since his young man had emergency surgery, then got an infection and required two more surgeries. He had to move back in with his mom, who already has a house full of cats and said not one more. ;(    Milo is being cared for by this young man's room mate, and
they are hoping to place him in a responsible home soon.

  We'd appreciate it if you'd pass the word around, never know who might like a warm & fuzzy friend.

Any interest please call Barb @ 262-492-0126

  Thank you!


Tosa Apartment Available

We have moved to cedarburg but are still trying to find someone to take over our lease in tosa.  if so, here is the info:

address is 9223 w. north ave #4 Tosa
upper four plex 2bd, 1 bath, w/d hook ups in basement.  
garage with additional parking spot.
cats ok
$730 plus gas and electric, central ac 
awesome neighborhood and neighbors
we loved it but couldn't pass up the cedarburg deal
call me for the number to landlord  907-350-5793

We are really going to miss you all!  it was fun serving with you and getting to know you.  i'm sure we will still bump into each other!  

Thanks for everything!!

Angie LIndsey

Sunday, January 6, 2013

For the moms

I have been cleaning out my basement recently and I realize that I have a LOT of baby gear.  We're hoping to have more children eventually so I want to hang on to it, but I figured some sisters in the ward might want to borrow some of the baby gear in the meantime.  Here's a list of the baby gear we have.  Email me if you would like to borrow any of the gear or if you want me to email you a picture.  Feel free to use it as long as you want.  :)
baby bath
white bassinet (with wheels, so you can roll it around the house.  I loved how easy it was to move it to where I needed it)
bouncer chair with music and vibrations (you can turn on both features, or one or the other or none)
blue Bumbo (with safety adjustments as a result of the recall)
battery operated swing (takes C or D size batteries, I think.  We actually never used it with batteries)
white changing table with shelves
Entertainer exersaucer
potty training potty/toilet seat
Email Robyn at smilinglarson at gmail dot com :)